Frequently asked questions

Q. Can my child wear a lifejacket or buoyant aid if they are aged 8 or older? Is the water over their head?
A. Buoyant aids are only allowed for ages 4-7. The water does getto 5-7 ft along 50m of the swim BUT we will have kayaks and lifeguards on paddleboards IN THE WATER with the kids and they can stop and rest on the boats as often as they have to.

Q. Can I help my child get dressed in the transition zone or to get on their bikes?
A. No. No parents are allowed in the transition zone or on thecourse with their kids. We have several volunteers in the transition and along the course to help the kids. It would be too crowded and dangerous to have all the parents in there too. WE WILL BE ASKING FOR 10-20 PARENT VOLUNTEERS TO SIGN UP ON RACE DAY TO HELPIN TRANSITION. YOU CAN SIGN UP ON RACE DAY IF INTERESTED.

Q. If my child cuts the course or does not complete the required distance what happens?
A. All the courses for the age groups will be explained in detail and the marshalls will direct the kids but, if they do not complete the proper course for that age group they will not receive an "offcial result placing."

Q. Will there be special prizes for places 1-3?
A. Every child will receive a finisher's medal, tshirt & snack. The goal of our event is fun and participation. We have decided this year to award the prizes randomly to the participants and not just to the top 3. This way more kids will have a chance to get a draw prize.